Potrero Hill is a great destination for young families and singles alike. It is close to the city while being isolated just enough to have a small town feel.

Although Potrero Hill is a great place to live, it is not perfect. It borders the Mission, Bayview and Hunters Point, all very high crime neighborhoods.

North/South Split

Potrero Hill is undergoing gentrification, but that is taking place more or less on the more desirable northern slope. The northern slope is the nicer higher end residential neighborhood, with local businesses and restaurants such as Goat Hill Pizza (sourdough crust), Umi (sushi), Farley’s (coffeehouse), The Voice studio (singing lessons), Christopher’s Books.

There are also local groceries to compete with Whole Foods.

The southern side is the rougher neighborhood, where housing projects are. This is where most of the crime is, even though some may leak north.


San Francisco has a higher crime rate than the rest of California, although the difference is mostly in the amount of thefts. However, Potrero Hill’s rate is even lower than California’s.

So, Potrero Hill is actually much safer than San Francisco as a whole, and slightly safer than California as a whole.

Car and Pedestrian Accidents

With steep hills there is a huge risk for car and pedestrian accidents. In fact, pedestrian and bicycle deaths are up all over San Francisco. There was a huge surge in bicycle and pedestrian deaths in late 2013/early 2014 according to this injury and accident law website to the point San Francisco implemented the Vision Zero program, with the goal of having zero traffic deaths.